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          QIDA has over 13 years of combined experience in the buying and selling of electronic components for kitting and manufacturing. We are specialists regarding I.C.'s Transistors, Connectors, Hard Drives, CD-Rom drives, Diodes and Capacitors etc. Our services include the procurement of obsolete, allocated, and hard-to-find products. Some of our customers are fortune 100 companies. We also sell to the military sector. We are a stocking distributor and also have world-wide procurement sources. You can be confident that QIDA can provide the part you need on-time and at a price that will be competetive.

          Hard To Find
          Allocated, hard-to-find shortage components are our specialty!

          Production Runs
          Yes, we can supply all of your production runs. Large or small, we can supply them all.

          Do you have excess electronic material? We will be glad to make you a fair offer. Please email your list today to

          We are a stocking distributor and have an extensive inventory in our wharehouse.

          QIDA(HK)ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LIMITED Technical support: Delta Network