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          Spot-buy within 3days Delivery
          Globally sourcing, 7*24 operations, “1 hours feedback
          Stock delivery, 3 to 5 days
          ISO9001 certified, 100% original
          Most competitive price gained from 8000 suppliers and 1500 manufacturers
          The reliable partner with Top50 EMS/OEM/ODM Manufactories

          To take good care of customers all around the world we keep the company running 7*24 to keep them informed with the most updated information.After ISO 9001 quality assurance inspection the product will be delivered to customers thru a door-door express network by Pioneers 2 logistics centers which located in the US and Hong Kong within 3-5 days.

          An ISO9001 certified company, running a state-of-the-art testing lab, holding a powerful technician team, to provide you 100% originals!


          QIDA(HK)ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LIMITED Technical support: Delta Network