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          1、Value-added services
          We have below services and
          can provide both English and Chinese versions of reports:
          Identification of chip authenticity: chip unsealing , grain take-out, vertical dissection, chip coating removal, etc.
          Performance testing: function verification testing, static electricity discharge testing,etc.
          Invalidation analysis: chip unsealing , grain take-out, vertical dissection, chip grind, chip coating removal
          with photomicrograph
          solderability test report


          2、Rrepacking Service
          Rrepacking service- change tube/tray to reel packing

          3、Sample Application

               87 sherry@qidahk.com

          4、Cross-parts References
           For those EOL parts, hard-to get parts, Pioneer recommends cross-parts for your references.

          QIDA(HK)ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LIMITED Technical support: Delta Network