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          Home  >  Qida salon   > Exchange Corner > The main type of letter of credit
          The main type of letter of credit
          Date:2010-09-21 14:51:04   Name:Qida
          · heel list letter of credit(DOCUMENTARY CREDIT):BE with the documentary bill or the only certificate is according to the letter of credit of payment.In the international trade balance of accounts the letter of credit used overwhelming majority is heel list letter of credit.?· light ticket letter of credit:It is the letter of credit that pays with the bank draft of not supplementary voucher.??· can dissolve(REVOCABLE) a letter of credit:Mean to open a certificate to go to need not advertise for to the letter of credit opened the beneficiary agree to have the power the letter of credit for dissolving at any time.?· can not dissolve(IRREVOCABLE) a letter of credit:Mean the letter of credit as soon as opens, in the term of validity, not through letter of credit each the approval concerning the party concerned, open a certificate to go ability not unilateral modification or dissolve of letter of credit.The this kind letter of credit is in the international trade use at most.??· confirm(CONFIRMED) letter of credit:Mean through open a certificate and go outside of another bank adds a letter of credit of confirm.Confirm letter of credit mainly is the beneficiarys(exporter) property to the issue bank letter doesnt understand and worry too much to the national political situation, exchange control of issue bank and fear to accept not to return to payment but request to add the request of a confirm and make the recall of payment get a dual guarantee thus.??· in time letter of credit:BE after opening a certificate to go or paying to go to receive bank draft according to letter of credit item and voucher, immediately implement to pay a compulsory letter of credit.??· long-term letter of credit:BE open a certificate to go or pay to go to receive voucher according to letter of credit, not and immediately pay, but wait until bank draft to expire to implement to pay a compulsory letter of credit.??· red item letter of credit(RED CLAUSE) letter of credit:BE allow the exporter hands over in the shipment list before can draw out all or parts of letter of credits of payments.Open a certificate to go to add row above-mentioned item on the letter of credit, usually beat with the red word, the for this reason kind of letter of credit calls "red item letter of credit".??· the payment(PAYMENT), acceptance(ACCEPTING) and argument pays(NEGOTIATING) a letter of credit:The letter of credit should express that its settling accounts a method is an adoption in time or postpones payment and accepts condition or argument to pay to use letter of credit amount of money.?· can alienate(TRANSFERABLE) a letter of credit:Mean to open a certificate to go authorization to notify to go under beneficiarys request, can give the third party all or a part of alienations of letter of credit, namely the second beneficiarys letter of credit.Canning alienate letter of credit can alienate once, letter of credit alienation after, namely from the second beneficiary carry out to deliver goods, but the beneficiary of original certificate, namely first beneficiary, still the beard is responsible for the responsibility of business contract last selling party.If allow on the letter of credit can load separately, letter of credit can respectively alienate to severals second beneficiary, this kind of alienation can see into an alienation.Can not alienate a letter of credit to mean beneficiary not the ability give°s the right alienation of letter of credit the letter of credit of others.??· back to back(BACK-TO-BACK) letter of credit:Is a beneficiary to request to notify to go on the original letter of credit foundation, draw a new letter of credit, when main two countrieses can not directly carry on trade pass a third square to come to carry on trade.Back to back letter of credit and can turn certificate letter of credits all Be produced to in the center trade, for in the center the businessman provide convenience.??An inside the businessman sell a certain merchandise to the foreign importer and ask the importer to draw to take him as a beneficiary a first letter of credit, then to the region or physically providing of the Three Kingdoms goods the person buy into a same merchandise, and with the foreign importer open come of the first letter of credit is assurance, the claim notifies to go or other banks provide goods to the region or the third a person another open a second letter of credit, use selling party(in the center company) as the applicant of second letter of credit.No matter he according to the first letter of credit can acquire payment, all want to be responsible for compensate bank according to the second letter of credit pay of amount of money.??· folio letter of credit:Both parties are with each other importing square and export square, with each other is the applicant and beneficiary of folio letter of credit.In order to carry out the balance of of both parties payment, the adoption draws the way of letter of credit each other and gets up the exit and the import contact.The first beneficiary of letter of credit is the second letter of credit(also call to turn head a certificate) to open a certificate applicant;The first letter of credits opening a certificate applicant is the beneficiary who turns head a certificate.The first notice of letter of credit goes, usually be turn head a certificate of open a certificate to go, the amount of money of two certificates is about equal.??· circulating(REVOLVING) letter of credit:Circulating the letter of credit then circularly use for many times of letter of credit, be letter of credit amount of money drive all or part after finishing using, still again resume original amount of money.Business both parties make long-term contract, the cent criticizes to deliver goods, importing square for the sake of economical open certificate procedure and expenses, can immediately draw to circulate a letter of credit.The circulating letter of credit can is divided into on time the letter of credit of the circulation and press the letter of credit of amount of money circulation 2 kinds.?· parts of letter of credit parts of collections:A bargain contract sometimes may include 2 kinds to differently pay a way, like parts of letter of credit methods, parts of collection methods.Namely one part of payments, if 80% is drawn a letter of credit by the importer, rest 20% from export square after the goods transport, together under the letter of credit item of shipment voucher, along together entrust the argument of letter of credit to pay a line to pass to open a certificate to go toward importer collection.Letter of credit parts of payments and collection parts of payments, draw bank draft respectively, the complete set shipment voucher is attached to a letter of credit item under of bank draft, under the collection item of is a light ticket.?
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