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          Maxim 1200MHz to launch the fully integrated 2000MHz, double channel down-transducer mixers
          Date:2011-03-18 10:26:24   Name:Qida

          Maxim 1200MHz to launch the fully integrated 2000MHz, double channel MAX19994A down-transducer mixer, the device with piece LO switch, buffer and within separator. Device adopts Maxim proprietary monolithic SiGe BiCMOS process design, have unapproachable linearity and noise performance, as well as high component integration. Monolithic IC provide two road independent variable frequency channel, each channel under 25dBm (typical values with +) IIP3, 8.4 dB (typical values) conversion gain and 9.8 dB (typical values) noise figure. In addition, MAX19994A also has the best 2LO - 2RF stray inhibit (- 10dBm RF range for 68dBc, when when 5dBm RF range for - 63dBc). This mixer designed for 2.5 G / 3G / 4G wireless infrastructure application and design, in this kind of application linearity and low noise high sensitivity to enhance receiver coefficient and anti blocking performance is very important. MAX19994A support 1700MHz 1200MHz WCDMA/LTE to inject the high-end base framework, and LO were also configurable as 1700MHz to 2000MHz GSM/EDGE, WCDMA/LTE, td-scdma and cdma2000 ® base station into the low-end architecture.

          MAX19994A as complete SiGe, integration of the two next inverter road leading mixers nuclear, four amplifiers, 3 non-equilibrium transformer, a LO switch, buffer and separator, and multiple division components. Device of 8.4 dB conversion gain tell the receiving the passageway whole IF amplifier. MAX19994A excellent 2LO - 2RF and 2RF - 2LO performance can also simplify adjacent harmonic component filter requirements, make the design of filter more simple and more cost-effective. Device of high level of integration characteristics and superior performance can be reduced size, mixer scheme half the decrease in the number of components division 45%.

          MAX19994A provide compact 6mm x 6mm, 36 pin MAX9985 / TQFN encapsulation, and MAX9995 MAX19985A/MAX19993 * / / MAX19995 / MAX19995A 700MHz to 2200MHz dual channel mixer pin MAX19997A/compatibility, and 1850MHz to MAX19999 with dual channel mixer 4000MHz similar pins. This series are very suitable for multiple frequency inverter under the same PCB layout application.

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