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          Date:2012-08-07 10:17:37   Name:Qida

          MEMS ( Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) sensor suppliers of meaning law semiconductor ( STMicroelectronics, ST) to further expand the motion sensor product portfolio, introduction of high performance three axis digital output gyroscope. The new product L3GD20 using 4x4x1mm package, set high resolution and excellent resistance induction audio and mechanical noise performance at a suit, make mobile phone, tablet computer, game machine and other intelligent consumer electronic products movement of the user interface is more real.

          The resonant frequency is higher than the audio bandwidth for the characteristic, meaning law semiconductor new 3 axis digital gyro has higher precision and reliability, can fully resist printed circuit board produced by mechanical vibration noise and audio noise interference, such as in the vicinity of the sensor noise generated in the loudspeaker. In addition, its advanced design with three axis one motion sensing structure [2] can further improve the accuracy and reliability of induction, ensures that the sensor output at the time and temperature on the properties with excellent stability.

          L3GD20 digital gyro users can set their own full range (± 250dps[3] and± 2000dps ), low range for the high-precision measurement of slow motion, high range is used for the measurement of ultra rapid gestures and movements. New products for users to provide 16 bits of data output, as well as additional embedded digital function, such as a configurable low-pass high-pass filter.

          Meaning law semiconductor new gyroscope for the solution of battery powered portable equipment power limitation design, integrate closed and sleep two power saving mode, the built-in intelligent power management required for the first in first out ( FIFO ) block of storage. Working voltage range of 2.4V to 3.6V.

          In addition to the portable device to achieve human-machine interface, meaning law semiconductor gyroscope can be in the enhanced navigation application realize blind zone and / or map matching function, in a digital camera or video camera in hand shake correction caused by the image distortion, and then get more clear and sharp picture.

          L3GD20 uses meaning law semiconductor sales of more than 1400000000 motion sensor micromachining process. New gyroscope with existing L3G4200D Series in software and with respect to the pin compatible with each other, so that customers can " direct replacement " easy upgrades, protection application development investment.

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