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          Date:2012-05-28 10:16:30   Name:Qida

          May 24, 2012, a leading global supplier of semiconductor stmicroelectronics launched the second generation close communication (Near Field Communications, NFC) controller.Stmicroelectronics said, with rich safety unit product combination, the new IC will speed up new smartphone security non-contact applications and services for the arrival of the era.

          Close communication technology can be intelligent mobile equipment wireless connected to all kinds of non-contact smart CARDS and equipment, mobile payment is considered close communication technology is one of the main application recently.JuniperAccording to the Juniper .Market research organizations latest report, 2012 years later, the global through the NFC completed deal worth more than $30 billio.(reader/writer)、(peer-to-peer)(card-emulation).Close communication support read/write (reader/writer), peer-to-peer (peer-to-peer) and card simulation (card-emulation) mode, can through the customer smartphone offer many additional service innovation and personalized marketing activities.

          Stmicroelectronics of a new generation of NFC controller chip ST21NFCA support all the NFC use case, can coordinate storage in different locations of the multiple NFC security applications, for example,SWP-microSD.And SWP-microSD card or embedded security unit.The corresponding NFC software stack will run on a terminal on the main processor, can support different versions of Google andros with operating systems, including the latest andros ice cream sandwich operating system, and the prospect of listingMicrosoftMicrosoft®® Windows Windows8 operating system.A new generation of controller and stmicroelectronics all kinds of security unit chip is fully compatible.

          Stmicroelectronics safety micro controller embedded security business manager Laurent Degauque said: "with series complete and diversified product combination, we are the only one to be able to use a solution to handle all the NFC business mode, it makes our semiconductor company can maximize smart phones or mobile device manufacturer of equipment type selection, the integration of the free fast easily for providing the end user with innovation non-contact service."

          Stmicroelectronics safety unit products based on the series ARM ® SC300 32 bit kernel, built-in flash memory capacity from 512 KB to 1.2 MB;Platform GP2.2 safety operation system requirements, the two security system can make different service providers to access the same safety unit.

          These safety unit chip can design into various shapes, including SWP-SIM, SWP-MicroSD, embedded security unit and the integration of advanced NFC controller system level packaging solutions.

          Stmicroelectronics safety unit product all is can choose equipped with MIFARE ClassicTM and MIFARE DESFireTM support functions, the two technologies can let the customers final design conforms to the global now widely used the ticket and sell tickets at the scheme.

          ST21NFCA controller with ST33 products series include all NFC use case, and meet the NFC to mobile phone manufacturer and mobile network operators technical requirements and maximize reduce development workload, and reduced the time to the market, ensure solutions to meet the constant development of the future of the market NFC demand.

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