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          Date:2012-05-28 10:09:36   Name:Qida

          A few days ago, integrates design, development and global sales of power semiconductor suppliers AOS semiconductor Co., LTD (AOS), released with industry leading standard high power density and efficient power MOSFET, their DFN3X3 package only ultra-thin 0.8 mm thickness.

          New products on the application of the technology of AlphaMOS AOS patent. These the benefits of technology is that it can prolong the life of the battery, still can make a design became more simple and compact, suitable for portable products, for example, flat computer, smart phones, ebook, notebook computer, digital camera and portable music players.

          AON7421 and AON7423 is 20 V P channel mosfets, their RDS (ON) is in the present market condition with the same encapsulates the similar products in the lowest. In the grid voltage of 2.5 V, the AON7421 RDS (ON) than other competing ?

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