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          Linear 32 channel launched LT3746 LED drive
          Date:2011-04-08 17:03:04   Name:Qida

          LingLiEr Technology Corporations company (Linear) launched 32 channel LT3746, this device LED drive has integrated 55V step-down type controller. This LED drive plus electric 30mA LED current per channel, be driven up series of 13V, thus it is suitable LED application such as large LED billboards. Each channel has separate six sites correction current regulation and 12 gray level PWM dimmer ability. Through with a 0.5 muon s minimum leds combine conduction time, LT3746 provided very wide dynamic contrast ratio. Gray level with single-point calibration move light can be passed TTL/CMOS logic circuit on one of the serial interface. The LT3746 6V to 55V input voltage range is very suitable for the device in the commercial and industrial design common wide input supply voltage range, this range is generally the 12V to volt. At least with the external components QFN encapsulation 5mm x 9mm LT3746 combine to make for multichannel LED application with the ouija area highly compact solution.

          LT3746 controller generates the internal step-down type slightly higher than the parallel LED the adaptive bus voltage string, to provide more than 90% efficiency. 32 separate linear current absorption is applied to adjust and modulation of individual LED, thus in a current ouija area in compact solution provided many functions. LT3746 can provide open/short circuit and against LED overheating fault diagnosis and the comprehensive protection functions, and through serial data interface back to send fault state. 30MHz whole buffer, conversion rate balance, can cascade serial data interface makes LT3746 very suitable for larger screen LCD dynamic back lighting and full-color LED display.

          LT3746EUHH 5mm 9mm by 56 leads to QFN encapsulation, x 10 pieces for each piece batch buys, unit price for $4.95. Also provide expanded temperature level version or level I version of the LT3746IUHH, thousand pieces 購價 each piece of for $5.45. All versions are available supply. If you need more information, please login www.linear.com.cn/product/LT3746.

          Photos 30mA step-down instructions: 32 channels LED drive type

          Summary: LT3746 performance

          · 6V to 55V power input voltage range

          As the 30mA / 13V, 32 independent LED output

          · six sites correction current regulation

          · 12 gray level PWM dimmer

          · 0.5 us shortest LED through time

          · adaptive LED bus voltage achieve high efficiency

          · can cascade 30MHz serial data interface

          · comprehensive diagnosis and protection: a single open/short circuit LED and overheating fault

          5mm x, QFN 9mm 56 fuses enclose

          · 32 channel 30mA step-down type LED drive

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