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          Microchip launch integration LCD control functions of eight PIC microcontroller ®
          Date:2011-03-30 14:23:23   Name:Qida

          American microchip technology company announced that launched five all-new device - PIC16LF1902/3/4/6/7 (PIC16LF190X) microcontroller, expanding its eight segmented LCD MCU series. PIC16LF190X series supports multiple general application, help in low power consumption and cost sensitive in the realization of design, these applications LCD including security token, smart CARDS, medical equipment, household appliances, key card or anything that involves the application of segmented LCD. This series of MCU using low power consumption (XLP) technology, dormancy current low to 20, and typical working current making for 35 muon A/MHz, not only extended battery life, and the drive segmented at the same time guarantee the RTC LCD and the precise timing.

          Through the use of enhanced intermediate framework, Microchip PIC16LF190X series provides customers with basic characteristics and performance without the cost burden unused peripherals. These MCU provides an optimized set of features, including up to 14 KB flash memory program memory, as high as 512 byte of as many as 14 RAM, 10 ADC (ADC) channels, serial communication and temperature indicator, and have driven up to 116 a LCD segment of the performance. These MCU can extend battery life by the XLP technology, has provided by integrated temperature indicator crystals precision compensation, support low power consumption and utilization are RTC reference voltage support internal ADC and low voltage detection capabilities, can achieve many portable devices for low cost solutions. The LCD

          Microchip company security and single-chip microcomputer and technology development vice President Steve Drehobl said: "with industry-leading low-power technology and optimization function sets, PIC16LF190X series is applicable to any low power consumption segmented LCD or general applications."

          Development support

          F1 evaluation kits (part Numbers: DV164132) and platform (part Numbers DM164130-1), and PICkit ™ 3 online debugger (components are supported PG164130) PIC16LF190X numbered MCU. Designers can use full MPLAB ® development tools including MPLAB IDE, MPLAB ICD3, REAL ICE ™ online simulators and used to PIC10/12/16 MCU HI - wave-tech C compiler ®.

          MCU encapsulation and supply

          PIC16LF1902, PIC16LF1903 and PIC16LF1906 MCU SPDIP, by 28 pin SOIC and SSOP package and 4 mm x 4 mm UQFN and LuoPian encapsulation. PIC16LF1904 and PIC16LF1907 MCU PDIP by 40 pins, 5 mm x 5 mm UQFN and LuoPian encapsulation, and 44 pins TQFP encapsulation.

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