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           About us

          Since the establishment in 2003, QIDA(HK)ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LIMITED has grown into a specialist by accumulating access to 1 billion inventory files from all major brands, OEMs/ODMs, and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) manufacturing plants around the world.

          We are a stocking distributor of I.C.s, Diodes and Transistors, Connectors, Switches, Capacitors and Resistors, LED, Sensors, Modules etc. Our services include Inventory Stocking, BOM Kitting, Spot-buying, Shortage Supply, Small Ordering, Excess Stock Resell and other value added services. Some of our customers are Fortune 100 companies and military sectors.

          Qida made a turnover of 50 million US dollars in 2013 and we’re committed to doubling it within next 3 years .

          Our Advantages:

          Quality--ISO9001 certified, 100% original.
          Service--Globally sourcing, 7*24 operations, 1 hour feedback.
          Channel--Professional world-wide online and offline procurement sources.
          Price --The most competitive price in the world market.

          QIDA(HK)ELECTRONICS TECH CO., LIMITED Technical support: Delta Network